Responsiveness for Logo

Hi, I would like my logo to be smaller on mobile portrait and mobile landscape (approximately the size of the hamburger icon. I found this article on the forum;

This method did make the logo smaller but only to a particular point. The logo seem to also be taking it styling from the navbar. Which as a sticky navbar does have a 100% width and 90px height. I have Div Block 77, as the first post on the forum said to add a div then add styles to it, the next article I read said put it in “Brand” container.

Thank you for any assistance in this.

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Hello @BLam1

I would suggest to make the link block ‘brand’ with fixed height and width in percentages and make put the logo image as css background with a containing ‘positioning’. That will give you always the size (in percentage) of the logo.

Hope this helps.