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Responsive Webpage help

Question 1:
Landing Section - How do I make the lottie animation show up behind the ‘Vision Image’ while remaining responsive?

Question 2:
Landing section - How do I create a reponsive design that allows all elements to grow and shrink, but not overlap each other. The max width of ‘container sitewide’ is set to 1500px so I want them to stop growing when they reach that page width.

Question 3:
Landing Section & Integrations Section - How do I get the images within ‘companies that trust us div block’ to all resize together with the breakpoints responsively?

If you know the answer to one but not all, that is still super helpful!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Gads

Q1: set “div block 34” to relative, Z-index 1
Q2: It seems all right to me

  1. Remove left spacing in “Grid 5” and justify-items left in alignment
  2. Set “body (all pages)” to 16px
    3: Set “paragraph 9” max width to 40ch, remove width 40ch
  3. Set “Testimonials section” min height to 350px, remove height and set position: relative
  4. set “image 11” position: absolute, move it where you want it
  5. set " “Container sitewide” “Testimonials” " to vertical in landscape mode
  6. set “columns” to direction vertical in mobile view
  7. In “Journey div block”, set max-width to 700px and min width to 200px
  8. In “Div block 22” remove left and right spacing in mobile view
  9. In “Div bloc grid border”, set width to 100%, min h. to 150px
  10. “Grid 2”, edit grid columns to 0.5fr and layout center in tablet view
  11. Set “integrations section” position: relative
  12. Set “image 20” position: absolute, move it where you want it
  13. Set “grid” (Footer), padding: 0 left and right in tablet view (doesn’t solve mobile view, sorry)
  14. Finally, Body, overflow: Hidden

I’m sorry if I forgot something or if it’s not clear, I tried a lot of things to make it work, only the footer I didn’t resolve. It was a good practice session for me haha

That was super helpful @Yaca! I implemented all the changes you listed here. I am very grateful you took the time to do all that!

I’m glad it was good practice haha

Follow up questions if you have time:
How do I justify-items left in alignment for “Grid 5” while keeping the position it was in?

Specifically, in “Landing Section” → “Companies that trust us div block” Can the images (CTTU Image) respond responsively, or do I need to change the size at each breakpoint?

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In “Landing Section”, but it may not be necessary

You can lower the max-width value of CCTU image to 50% to make them fit on 3 rows, mobile view, same thing for “Integration logo”

*I’m sorry, I made a mistake in 7, I meant to say *min height to 200px
And I forgot to write to set the "Integration section height to auto

Awesome, thank you so much for your help!

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