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Responsive Text Center Allignement Issues

I need help centering aligning my text and images. On different devices, my text tends to shift to the side and just looks weird depending on the device. Anything helps. I have tried to use the flex parent element but that did not work.
Thank you!

Here is my site:

If you adjust your browser window on the home page you will notice what I mean :slight_smile: I am also having this same issue with the JVTE Repairs section once someone clicks a service. It is the price listed under the name of the service.

This likely is due to having a fixed width on some divs. I can’t tell you because you didn’t provide your share link

However, I’d strongly suggest going through a bunch of the videos on the Webflow university site to get more familiar with webflow to see if you can figure it out and learn in the process.

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Hey! Thank you so much for responding I really appreciate your help. I recently figured out how to align everything using flex box and some other tools but thank you so much!