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Responsive slider in modal

Hi there!

I’m having some issues building my modal. I’m trying to create a modal with a centered slider.

I want the slider to have a max height & and width, allowing for landscape photos, horizontal photos, and square photos to manipulate the dimensions of the slide.

I want the max height/width so that I can insure that there will be space on the bottom of the screen for Information text and overall padding.

I’m having issues creating this modal on my own. I wanted to see if you guys can assist me in creating it, all the values I’m adding to the slider or divs are not changing anything on screen

I’ve included a quick mock of what I’m trying to achieve & my current state in Webflow. any help would be great, thank you


quick mock:

current status:

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I’ve ran into this issue myself in the past. What you need to do is set the slider’s height to auto. Even though it already says that, you need to apply it anyway.


I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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this solved my issue, thank you!

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I have one overflow issue, I want the photo to scale down instead of overflowing onto other content on the page. do you have any suggestions?


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