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Responsive slider element help please

I’m in a time crunch, and losing my hair over this. If you scroll to the bottom of my page, there is a slider setup.
How can I get the navigation dots to always remain in the blue bar of the image?

Thank you anyone for any help.


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Put a background color on the “slider nav” element where the dots live. Or make the blue boxes bigger some how.

Right now the blue background is being generated by the photos. Not a very good design idea if you want a component to be responsive.

Trying playing around with coloring the slider component themselves

Thank you, but that won’t accomplish what I need. I need the buttons to be responsive to different breakpoints, but to stay anchored to the bottom of the “Slider-Home” element.


@morningbird You need those 3 dots to shrink really small?

Yes, just resize to the breakpoints.
Thank you,


@morningbird that will probably be a custom code job.