Responsive grid control


we’re testing webflow. We are thinking as a team to start designing in the browser.
In our test we noticed that we have limited control over the responsive grid states.

fe: you can’t do this
desktop : 4 col
tablet portret : 2 x 2 col < this is not possible ( you only have the option 4 col or 1x1x1x1 col)
Mobile : 1 x 1 x 1 x1 col ( the funny thing is that you can do a 2 X 2 col in mobile, but not in tablet)

are we missing something here?

Because we’re testing this webflow we have a really important question. Will this tool ever become a standalone, no browser tool, fe like the adobe tools. Of all the tested tools( macaw, edge reflow, pinegrow) this one is the best, so we hope this tool will become a standalone someday.

Thnx for your help!

Hi @Sanny_Verkissen,

First off, WF is coming with a major overhaul soon. No dates announces although mentioned in the newyears newsletter. That should solve the column question, although there are several solutions on the forum available.

As regards to the stand-alone tool. There was a discussion recently, and one of the WF staff pointed out that their focus on making it a stand alone app is not a priority at this moment.

Hi @Diu,

Thnx for your quick reply.

i searched the forum and found this topic where a good alternative is explained

knowing that creating a stand-alone tool is not on the roadmap right now makes the decision harder to use this tool with the whole team. we will keep an eye on the evolution they will make the upcoming year, but i hope they will create a stand-alone app.


You can. What you’re missing is the ability to nest things.

Create a 2 col row. Put a 2 col row in each of the first 2 col row.

On Desktop you have your 4 col.
For Tablet, set your parent row to split and your nested rows to line.
For Mobile, set everything to split.

You could also maybe use only one row widget and nest divs set to display:inline-block and vary the width of these divs for each breakpoint.

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