Responsive Design Within the Unpack Template

I recently bought the unpack template under the assumption that one of the perks of paying for the template is that the pages that were designed would be responsive. One of the blog templates that I’m using in particular looks horrible on mobile. Youre weirdly able to scroll off the the right of the screen where there is just dead space. text and images arent populating inside of the screen. its a mess. can someone help me understand why i should pay for a template that looks that doesnt look professional across all templates, or better yet how to just fix this issue? thanks so much!

Hello, @maxstjohn!

If it’s a template you’re needing help with, you can reach out directly to the template designer and they’ll be able to support you! :webflow_heart:

I dropped a link in above, or you can head back over here to contact them as well: