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Responive design - it works but how can it be improved? any feedback please?

Hi, I am still trying to learn about making hero sections. I see by the templates there are so many ways that people do it. I am not a fan of grids or columns.

I want to really get a solid understanding of this and properly master hero sections and responsiveness. The design below is a bit flawed because I cant add a margin to the header because it messes up the responsiveness.

Any feedback or best practices would be greatly appreciated.


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Ran Segall from Flux recently uploaded a video on Youtube titled " Making Your Website Responsive" and he uses Webflow. I think you might get some value out of it. Here’s the link:

Also, feel free to join the Webflow Community Discord server, there’s a lot of smart and skilled people on there that I’m sure would love to help you in more detail.

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Thankyou for this, i will check them out! I just joined discord :slight_smile:

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