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(Resolved) Need help fix show/hide interaction

Hi Forum! I am a total newbie and recently became a member and just starting familiarize myself with Webflow. I am so impressed with Webflow so far and looking to create more stuff on it!!

Anyways, I am trying to make a show/hide interactive thingy on my prototype site I am building.

Please have a look at and click on the search icon on the upper right. You will then see the dropdown slide for the search field.

Problem: When you click on the search field, the the search container closes. I need it to stay opened. Only way to close the search container should be if you click either on the search icon or anywhere outside.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


I figured it out! I mistakenly added the interaction step from the Search icon to the body. Once I removed the interactivity step from the body, it fixed the problem. Sorry for the clutter on the board.

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