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[ Resolved ] Imac 27"resolution issue

I am working webflow on an imac 27". although everything here looks fine when i opened the site on the a laptop and a mac laptop everything is messed up? I am guessing it has something to do with resolution? is there anyway to fix it? I am using Chrome in all devices and all the sliders and div boxes have the same heigth.

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Thank you

Is this what you are talking about ?

You have a set a fixed height on the Coffee slider.
Also… I would consider using a ROW (2 COLUMNS 50 / 50)

  • with the DIV’s you’ve created inside the COLUMN’s.

SLIDER in COLUMN 1. Text Description in COLUMN 2

@Revolution we are talking bout this issue back in the original thread if you wanted to add your thoughts.

ok… so it looks like you guys have already gone through the ROW idea…
and are looking at using 50/50 DIVs instead.

Either can work… will see what I can come up with.

Since this is duplicate topic… we can probably close this post.


Thank for your response. I will close this topic. We found the mistake. I have margins on my text