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Resolved: If you insert an element inside a checkbox field it cannot be moved, removed, or deleted independent of its parent

As soon as you drag any element inside the contents of a checkbox field, it is locked there forever. Attempting to delete it will delete the parent checkbox, and attempting to move it will move the parent checkbox.

Here is a video demonstration.

Unresolved, similar issue here.



Yup…it still exists… even after my original post from may 2016 :pensive:

Hi @ctrav and @rowan thank you so much for sharing this information :bowing_man:

I have filed an issue and we are investigating this issue, ​thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work towards a resolution.


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@rowan @ctrav thanks again so much for posting this! I just wanted to follow up here and let you know that we pushed an update for this.

Going forward you will not be able to nest elements directly inside of the checkbox wrapper. Instead, if you need to add additional elements around the checkbox, you can place them next to the wrapper of checkboxes rather then directly inside.

This will prevent any element from getting stuck in the checkbox wrapper. :bowing_man: