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[Resolved] 514 response on cms pages

Thanks for the quick reply. I was just about to post the link for you and it all of a sudden started working. Ill keep an eye on it and reply back in anything goes down again

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@PixelGeek @Brando

im def still getting this error…

as rookie i think im trippn smtms

Seems like some pages are back up, but we are still monitoring this issue. We’ll reply to this thread once we get the official all clear from the engineers.

thanks again for your patience.

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This could be part of the issue. I am getting the same error and have collections in a dropdown menu navbar on a new site. All of my other sites appear to be fine and do not contain dropdown menus with CMS.

I can’t say the same. I have a couple of sites without collections in a dropdown and they’re still not working, unfortunately.

As of this morning my published site isn’t loading.

I didn’t add anything new so I’m not sure what’s happening. It has done this before but usually a refresh gets it to load again.

It’s happening on Safari and Chrome.

Note that I experienced a publishing timeout when I went to re-publish from the designer.


the 500 errors are occuring randomly now on both cms and static pages on 2 sites we manage

Hey everyone. Thanks again so much for all your patience. A fix is live now.

CC @miafreitas looks like you had the same issue

Our engineers have identified and resolved the database performance issue, and we’re now monitoring our infrastructure to ensure that all CMS pages continue rendering correctly. We will publish a more detailed postmortem once we’ve fully confirmed that this issue is resolved.

The postmortem will be posted on


Yes, definitely works for now :slight_smile: Thanks for you hard work :slight_smile: I’ve got that issues since yesterday but I thought that it’s my ISP’s fault… :slight_smile:


@Brando Thank you to the whole @webflow team for sorting this out, and really very quickly in my opinion.

Fingers crossed normal service is resumed! :crossed_fingers:


@webflow @Brando @PixelGeek :pray:


Hope someone can help me.
I have been trying hard to add the FB Comments Plugin to my website and now I’ve just gave up and deleted the code I’ve copied into my website. The thing is - now it’s super slow suddenly and with 500 error.

How can I fix this?

My website live:
On Webflow:

Thank you!

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This is to do with this thread here:

@aaronocampo would you be able to merge this one too?


maybe try starting here…

That was crazy. Support responded within minutes to my report and within a short while I heard that it was fixed. I was able to explain the errors to my clients very fast and I’m glad that it is resolved.
Thanks, Support Team!


@ROOSTER I’ve tried that before and basically everything else I’ve see on internet haha
I have an open topic for this, but anyway what I tried was:

  1. Created an FB App
  2. Add platform “website” on this FB App
  3. Go to Comments Plugin and generate the code
  4. Copied the 1st part of the code on the head of my BLOG TEMPLATE custom code
  5. Paste the 2nd part of the code on the place I want the comments to be (on the blog template page)
  6. Copied the <meta property="fb:app_id" content="{YOUR_APP_ID}" /> on the head of my custom code on the SETTINGS of the project.
  7. The comments worked perfectly… BUT…

Problem: I don’t see any connection between my FB App and my website. I can’t see any comments on the moderation tool. And I can’t receive any notifications.

I’ve tried everything and paste the code in different places and never managed to make it work :frowning:

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@miafreitas srry to hear… thats the reason for my response… having tried everything i think i could to solve “an issue”…pulling hair out to no avail. to be clear i have no experience with your issue or even incorp. FB in any fashion… but was effected by 514 response bug and thinking it was my errors creating the problem.

came back to this topic to reread and learn some more… saw your post. apologies if i stirred the pot.

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I need hosting to work for client can view contents


[Update: Sites back up after most recent publish]

Same here! Hope you guys can look into it quickly :wink: Looks like this problem -> [Resolved] 514 response on cms pages

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