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Resizing DIV to Full Height + 50% Width

I can resize a DIV to a fixed Width / Height
ie: onClick Resize Height = 1000px

But, I cannot resize the same DIV to Height: 100% or 100vh.

How can this be done ?

@Revolution, you probably have already seen this in the forum, but there is currently a bug effecting percentage height and width that is causing the percentage to be misinterpreted as pixel dimensions. I have been running into that also. Hope we have a fix soon…

Any updates here? I’m kindoff struggling with this right now.
If my parent divs are 100%, I can get a child to get 100% too.
Only 100% = 100VH in this case.

If content grows outside my div it would be nice to have it expand automatically.

This percentage bug issue only effects IX transforms as far as I am aware @Diu.

I am not sure I completely understand your scenario, but if you want to maintain full browser window height with the option for the div to expand beyond that (for content overflow when it occurs) you could try a combo of minimum height = 100% (or 100VH) and height = auto so the div will still expand. I need to try that out myself, but I think that should afford both behaviors.

Hi @vlogic,

The problem is fairly simple, i want to get two divs to have the same height, based on the content + padding of one of them.

Normally I’d say to set height to 100%, but that doesnt seem to work when I set an image background. Neither if I place an image in the div.

Could you think of a solution?

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