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Resizing An Animated Gif Not Working

I’m trying to resize an animated gif that I have set to appear on hover, having placed it along with a static gif of the same image as background images. When I click on the image name in the background images section, changing the image dimensions appears to do nothing. I’ve attached the sharing link below, and an animated screen capture gif to show what I’m seeing. As the screen capture shows, if I change the dimensions of the static image of the bird, it changes its size. But if I change the animated gif dimensions, nothing changes.

Also, I wonder how come there’s no box to check to constrain proportions in this image adjust area. If you have a non square image, I’ve had to use Photoshop to figure out what the image proportions should be in px when resizing.

Well, there is no hover on mobile really. May I suggest maybe doing a load interaction or different element on mobile? Display the animated GIF for a few seconds and then go to the static image after that?

There’s no hover, but I’ve already tested it on my iPad, and it works on tap. My thought behind that icon animating, without any indication that it does anything by just looking at it, is the idea of surprise and delight. If a desktop user just happens to hover over it, it moves. Or a mobile user happens to tap all over the page, which is less likely, but still it’s there in case. This is also because in presenting myself as someone who can do animation, I thought it might be nice to have a sort of animated easter egg.

The larger issue though is why the resizing is not working. Is it a bug? Also, why is there no box for keeping proportions constrained?

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