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Resize items within the Hero Section


I want the Hero Section of my website to take up the entire window of the browser - so to do that I set the Section height and width to 100vh and 100vw. To test, I publish and resize the browser and it works fine. However, the content that is with-in the section in a Container (i.e. the Headline, sub-headline, buttons etc.) do not stay with-in the Section. Meaning if I scroll, they spill into the next section below Hero section.

Basically I want the Hero section and whatever is in it to stay there visible fully until the user scrolls down- no matter what the browser window size. The perfect example I can think of right now is Spotify’s website. No matter how you resize, their Hero section text remains visible within the window and doesn’t bleed down to the section below. I have seen this done on many Webflow built websites but can’t seem to figure it out. Please help me understand.


Site link is not clickable for me. Tried Chrome and Safari

Sorry I do not have a link. Was my first post here. In case my question was not clear enough I will try to share the link to a sample site.

Did you solve the issue?

I followed the link and I am not getting the same issue you were having. I checked on Chrome and Safari and it seems to be working the way you wanted it to.