Reset all links selector

Is there any way to reset the ALL LINKS SELECTOR to default?

I have set up custom link styles for my navigation buttons, and then went in to set links for the body page using the ALL LINKS selector. After doing that, my hover, and visited states are changing my custom navigation links. So, I want to start over and reset the ALL LINKS selector to default (i.e. no states.) I found one help article that said I could do that by holding down the alt/option key. But I believe that only works on the blue selectors, not the pink ALL LINK selector. Is there any way to reset the ALL LINKS states?

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Hi there @Big-Fish!

There isn’t a reset to default for the global style tag. The global style tag will need to be selected and then all the properties highlighted in blue will need to be reset.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi Riley,
Thanks for your reply. I see what to do now. I need to click on the individual selector in blue with the alt/option key and it will reset that style. That works!