Require email address OR phone number on form submit, but not both


I have a client that wants a contact form with input fields for name, email, and phone number.

They want the visitor to be required to submit the form with EITHER an email address OR a phone number, but not both.

I know this functionality isn’t available natively within Webflow forms but I imagine it can be done using some custom code. Does anyone have suggestions?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Demo Form Site

Hi Lauren,

Welcome to the forum!

I’ve created a demo site you can test this on here:

Here’s the read-only link as well.

You’ll just need to wrap the phone and email inputs in a div with a class ‘input-wrap’, set both fields to required and then add the following code to Page Settings > Custom Code > Before </body> tag:

    var requiredInputs = $('.input-wrap input')
    var requiredInputValue = {return $(this).val();
        if(requiredInputValue.length > 0) {
        } else {
            requiredInputs.attr('required', 'required');

Let me know how it goes and if it doesn’t work for you and I can try making some tweaks.

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Thank you sooo much Milan! This works beautifully!

I tested inputting only email and only phone number and it works like a charm.

Thanks again!

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