Rendering custom code inside of a CMS item


I am trying to render custom code inside of a CMS collection. When I paste the code outside of the CMS collection it renders fine but when I do this inside of an Embded within a CMS collection it does not render.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - snippets

Hey Dean, look at your generated HTML, they’re different constructions.
In your case, the embed DIV has no size, so the DIV it contains doesn’t either.

I think you could probably fix this page-wide by adding this Embed once on the page, outside of your collection list.

.cms-raw-code .w-embed {
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;

Thanks so much dude, do you also recommend I place these values inside of the cms code snippets so when people copy then they dont have the same issue?

Not sure what you’re trying to build, but hopefully not.
I think that mechanic is a problem that originates with your need to use the CMS and RTE embeds.

In general I’d avoid the Embed approach on the “deployed” bits, and build something that supports Webflow’s clipboard directly so that users can copy/paste the actual elements needed.

You’ll find some good references googling “webflow clipboard format”, etc. You’d need to be fairly technical though to work that out seamlessly.