Removing Webflow's IP Address from Analytics

What is the Webflow’s IP Address? We’re wanting to filter this out from our Google Analytics data and since we’re always updating our website, our Google Analytics data is effected.

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You do not need to filter/block the designer IP address, as the code does not run in the designer.

Sorry, not while designing exactly, but whenever we click publish, live traffic shows from Ashburn USA every time??

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1.Log in to your Google Analytics account and click on the Admin link shown at the top of the page.
2.Click on Filters shown in the right column.
3.Click the red +NEW FILTER button.
4.Give the filter a name, for example the office location.
5.From the dropdown lists select [Exclude] and [traffic from the IP addresses] and [that are equal to].
6.Enter your IP address in the IP address box displayed below. Your IP address should be four numbers separated by three decimals points.
7.Click the blue Save button.
This is the general process to exclude an IP from Google Analytics hope it gets you through.

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Thanks, Mariad, but this is not the problem I’m having, (I’ve removed my IP this way already -Sorry, I should have stated this). -To check out the problem I’m having, just go into your Webflow and click publish, you will instantly see an IP appear from Ashburn USA, This happens every time.

Let me know if you are also getting this.

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Oh i am so sorry to have provided something you already did, i will check it out and surely update. If you find a solution in the mean time please do share.

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