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Removing Space in Grids on site

Hi, I’m trying to remove the space I’ve added to this grid. Please see screenshot. This is on the UX Coaching page under services. The page is not yet live. Please see the first column. I’d like the space between “For Example” and the green icons with text next to it to be gone.

You can remove rows that you’re not using in different breakpoints.

I’ve removed all that I can from the settings panel and they’re still there.

Hello @Ashley_Janelle! As I mentioned in another Thread, your website could really use a ton of structure optimization! Things will work much better! I’m definitively willing to work on that for a very fair price. Here is the result of me cleaning all the junk that it was there.

Get in touch with me and we can work something.

When are you available and for how much?

Privately responded.