Removing custom domain on a downgraded starter site

#1) I had a CMS Site for my business with a custom domain publishing to

#2) I created a new starter site to completely redo the website, use some AI tools, etc. We finished the website a few days ago.

I then downgraded my CMS site (#1) to starter and upgraded my starter site (#2). However, when I go to setup a custom domain on my new CMS Site (#2) it’s telling me that domain is associated with a webflow account, which it is, my old CMS Site (#1). However, when I go to the publishing settings for my old CMS Site (#1) it doesn’t show the custom domain settings cause it’s currently a starter site so I can’t break or delete that custom domain setup.

What are my options here without paying for a whole new CMS site just to delete and then cancel? Are there any?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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