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Reload the page a number of times after form submission

Hello , i use memberstack to stock the url of the avatar image of the members , but memberstack dont refresh the image after the url change , so i need to refresh the page a certain number of times to get the avatar refreshed.

I have found this code and enhanced it but i dont know why it dosent execute , seems there is an error can you find it?

	var Webflow = Webflow || [];
	Webflow.push(function() {
  	$("#wf-form-avatarform").submit(function (event) {
            var timeinmilliseconds = 3000;
            var reloadCnt = window.sessionStorage.getItem( "reloadCounter") ?
            	parseInt(window.sessionStorage.getItem( "reloadCounter")) + 1 :

            window.sessionStorage.setItem( "reloadCounter", reloadCnt );
            if ( reloadCnt <= 3 ){
              setTimeout(function(){ window.location.reload(true); }, timeinmilliseconds);