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We are a web agency in France and we have encountered problems with e-commerce Webflow. In fact, the problem is mostly a feature that is missing from Webflow because it is not used in the united state.

I explain, in France when you order on a site, you very often (see all the time) the possibility of you deliver to a “relay point” next to you. A “relay point” is actually a tobacconist, small shop, partner with the delivery service like “Chronopost”.

The advantage is that the price is lower than a home delivery, but also that the presence at home is not necessary.

Here’s the problem. At PrestaShop, for example, there is a module for directly printing a label with the generation of a bar code linked to the professional account of the manager of the shop.

This allows a non-negligible time saving for the manager of the online store. However, it is impossible to integrate this solution in webflow, so Webflow’s customer support advised me to expose our problem to see if someone had found an alternative solution.

Thank you in advance for your answers, they will be welcome after many failed attempts.

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Fellow French here, this is very true, about both how wispread the practice is and how much having it included as a feature in an ecommerce solution can save tremendous amounts of time.

@LYGET, in addition to this forum post, can you take the time to carefully describe and spec the feature, with as much examples you can provide, in a Wishlist post? Those informations will be needed by developers who want to make the feature happen, anyway. It will also give to occasion to others, maybe in other national areas, to rebound on your feature request and add more local specificities and examples.


Another fellow French here, I don’t know if it’s still relevant to you, but for anyone looking for a solution, keep reading.

Good news: it’s possible

Bad news: It’s more a workaround than anything else and it requires coding.

Stripe Checkout:
The idea is to integrate the widget (in my case it was Mondial Relay) directly through the website (i.e: Then you case use JS to integrate that into a modal or something like that, the goal here is to connect the widget to the customer address inputs. Meaning that instead of the customer writing their address, it would be done automatically by choosing the relay point.

From there, that information would be sent to you and the customer once the order is made.

But it only works with Stripe Checkout! Indeed, the Paypal Checkout page doesn’t let the user enter their address (automatically done by Paypal). So here, you need to do a workaround. The idea is to use the “more information” element and to connect the relay point to the note textarea.

That way the relay point is correctly sent through the wf’s order tab.

For the back-end part:

In my case, I didn’t connect the biz owner’s Mondial Relay Account to the WF site, so it wasn’t directly printing a label.

If you want to do that, then the only solution I see is to use the Webflow API and connect it in some way. You can maybe look SendCloud ( because it encapsulates the major point picker services in France such as Mondial Relay, Chronopost, etc.
And they have an API in order to connect your shop.

I haven’t personally tried this approach so I cannot help on the back-end part though but if you need more help on the widget part, feel free to contact me.

Hi ! I’m trying to add mondial relay to my ecommerce website.
Could you help me to integrate it ? Thank you !!!

Hey Webflow community,

We are running into similar issues with integrating mondial relay for our clients in france and EU clients and are trying to build a centralized solution for others with the same problem. Send us your requirement at WebflowShip and we can collaborate