Reference CMS item number on Modal Pop Up

Hi Guys.

I have built a one-page portfolio site, which works really well. The Modals have nice pop up animations and It looks nice. Each portfolio project is created using a CMS.

The only (and big) Problem I have is this. I have to create a separate Collection list for each one of my portfolio projects because I cant use just one collection list template. Each pop up limits the CMS item field to 1 item, and then starts at 1,2,3 ect to shows a different portfolio item in the pop up. I don’t know how to get the button interaction to call what CMS list item I want.

I would like the buttons to launch the same CMS modal template but reference a different CMS item depending on which button is pressed so that I only need 1 collection list and not 12.

Its possible to do this with CMS Pages, but this defeats the project brief of keeping it a one page site.

Help will be greatly (massively) appreciated.



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Ahh ok. Yes I will.
You can delete this. I will repost a link with the finished site in a day or two. I just need clearance.