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Recreating full screen menu issue

thank you, it works!! the other thing I want to achieve is that when you click on work and shows more work when you move the cursor out the other links should stay on low opacity, I pasted this code that you gave me but not achieving that result as they have on

.parent:hover * {

opacity: 1;


the word parent is only example your parent is navbar-link

Thanks, I pasted it like this but it is not working, perhabs I’m missing something?

.navbar-link:hover * {

opacity: 1;


Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 23.33.09.png

hi @Fernandoaal I will recommend to watch full Webflow University to get some basics how to use Webflow as it is powerful tool. You can also check some YT CSS courses that will help you to be able to do things that Webflow doesn’t offer. This will make you even more skilled no-coder.

of course, I’ve seen it but I even checked this on the facebook groups and this isn’t an easy setup, do you have any suggestions on how to solve this particular custom code solution?

You can start by searching this forum as is great source of informations too. what about this

BTW: you are missing style wrapper <style> </style>

Thanks a lot for your help!

Most of us don’t have a code background, just plain designers who learnt webflow as a visual tool, so I apologize the too many questions, I pasted it with the wrapper and didn’t work, at this point I would understand if this is the last time you’d help me, I’m just tired of dealing with this for days without a complete solution :frowning:

.navbar-link:hover * { opacity: 1; }

Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 00.04.41.png

hi @Fernandoaal I do not expect a newborn baby to know grammar and spelling. All I can do is to show how to learn. I have no problem to help you that’s why I’m here and as a designer and developer I like to help and show how things can be done but I would not do your homework. If I will have this week time I will do an exact copy of this menu.

I will recommend to you as a person with no basic knowledge of CSS to start with more simple things than this menu and I promise that in a few months you will create this or even more complex modules in no time. When I will have an example done I will post it here but in this stage is 98% done. :wink:

thanks bro appreciate the help!

Hi @Fernandoaal here is simple EXAMPLE how they have it done.

Here is a link to LIVE page as JS doesn’t work in Designer preview.

BTW my name is Stan

Hi Stan, hope you are doing well and thank you for your help, it looks great, the only thing is that when you hover out of the links after you click on work, the other links should stay on low opacity, this applies when you move out around the screen, that is what has been the most difficult part from what I’ve seen. I have left you a screenshot and on the agency you can see that aswell, for some reason I can’t post the link again.

Screenshot 2020-11-04 at 13.28.57|476x500


As you see you requesting something that actually doesn’t work 100% on their site identically all the time. I did everything to show you as is or can be done and you are still not happy, so I hope that someone gives you a better solution.

Happy coding :wink:

Hi Stan, It’s not that I’m not happy, it’s just that I’m doing this for someone and they requested it that way. Thanks for all the help! All the best.

Hi @Fernandoaal here is menu with EXACT behaviour as you wish.


I will keep it there upto Sunday to give you time to study :wink:

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Thank you for your response, I will check it out.

Hi @Fernandoaal you should check LIVE LINK to see that is working exactly as you have requested and EXACT link is to Designer to see all settings and custom code. I have changed Ternary operator to if-else condition to make it easier to understand.

If this solved your request feel free to check response that solved your problem as solution to be this question marked as solved :wink:

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hi @Fernandoaal does this work as you requested?

thanks a lot Stan! I will check it ASAP I’ve just been busy today, I will let you know once it’s done, cheers.

No problem, take your time

Hi Stan, thank you very much!!! I’ve built it like you did, it didn’t work at first but I noticed small details such as adding “has-children” to the ID of the list item for work, then it worked, I also was able to change uppercase to capitalize on the CSS code and now it’s looking perfect as the style on the original design, I am very grateful to have found a solution, thanks again!! cheers.

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