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Recreating full screen menu issue

Hello everyone! I am trying to re-build this full screen menu from without the arrows, a really cool member here helped me but I can’t seem to pull it out yet, it seems like the hover interaction blocks the click interaction (so when you move the cursor outside of the work remain gray), I tried with opacity instead but it’s not working completely for me (see 2nd screenshot), and they wanted to use text color change to gray originally for the hover, is it really not possible to build the exactly the same menu in webflow?

I was able to do it most of it but still not getting it. Any help would be highly appreciated as I have been stuck with this for hours. Thanks!

The interaction is built on NavBar Container div.

Here is my public share link:

Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 00.40.26

Hi, @Fernandoaal it’s a simple task that you can create with animations. As you see on image from the website they have one wide container. Hover over this container will trigger low opacity on each element. Then on hover over link element itself, you set its opacity back to 100. All you need are two interactions opacity down and opacity up then use them on elements the way you need.

Hi there, thank you for the response, trying it like you mention but it’s not working, also when you move the cursor out of the containers when you open work it should stay like this, the original problem is hover interactions block mouse tap interactions, it’s a bit messy and I am bit stuck with this for days now.

Hi @Fernandoaal I have it done in your example page with no problem at all. If I will have time I will create for you an example.

So you just simply set low opacity on the big container for each of the navlinks elements and then full opacity on each element? I did this and did not work.

Hi @Fernandoaal all you need are 2 animations OPACITY LOW and OPACITY FULL and then asign them as you need.

Thank you, I got it but maybe I set it wrongly? this is what I did:

Here is an example. Is this you are looking for?

Yes, I know how to achieve that, the thing is when you open the work and see all the work examples, the other options should remain at decreased opacity or gray color, even when you take the cursor outside of the menu, and the issue I was having is that they were all turning white, interactions blocking the other. I’ll leave you two comparisons.

you can achieve it with custom CSS, when parent element and all its children will have opacity 100.
Something like this:

.parent:hover * {
opacity: 1;

Thank you for your help!! :slight_smile:

hi @Fernandoaal If this solved your issue please feel free to check any comment as solution to be this issue marked as solved

Bro I am sorry to ask again but I am still lost with this, do you have a sharelink that I could see? does the the example from last time has one? I also pasted the code but no idea how it works.

I will leave you mine in any case:


hi @Fernandoaal Here we go again



Thanks bro, I did exactly the same and it’s not working on my end, could you please check

You need to point navbar link instead nav link text

thank you, it works!! the other thing I want to achieve is that when you click on work and shows more work when you move the cursor out the other links should stay on low opacity, I pasted this code that you gave me but not achieving that result as they have on

.parent:hover * {

opacity: 1;


the word parent is only example your parent is navbar-link

Thanks, I pasted it like this but it is not working, perhabs I’m missing something?

.navbar-link:hover * {

opacity: 1;


Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 23.33.09.png

hi @Fernandoaal I will recommend to watch full Webflow University to get some basics how to use Webflow as it is powerful tool. You can also check some YT CSS courses that will help you to be able to do things that Webflow doesn’t offer. This will make you even more skilled no-coder.