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Recreate Vice's "up next" endless scroll mechanism

Hi guys,
I just stumbled upon the endless reading pages on VICE. As soon as you are coming to the end of an article, it suggests a new one, loads it instantly beneath the current article and even changes the slug(!). How is this possible? Any ideas? Would be a great way to keep users longer on your site/blog.

It works on every article:

Typically done with infinite scroll. In Wf you are limited to fetching 100 items in a collection.

With Ajax you should be able to pull in paginated items. comes to mind.

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Hi Webdev,
thanks for our fast response! So it’s not possible to trigger the next element with webflow’s built-in pagination? Do you know any webflow projects which currently use infinity scroll?

You can start your research here …

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thanks, I will have a look at it!