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Recreate moving background animation

Hi Guys,

i am trying to recreate this repeating moving background animation, but i have not been very sucessfull.

Do you know if there is a tutorial on this?
I really like the idea and would like to know a little bit more about how to do it myself.

Hope you guys have some answers for me.
Thank you in advance.


Whoa, that’s cool but strap yourself in for probably hundreds of hours of work to get that to work. I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole. The shapes are SVG images that are animated to move and change using 3d transforms. You can start by saving the svg’s and then start messing with load interactions on the page to transform them in the 3d space. I honestly haven’t done anything like that before so I have no clue. There are some cool javascript things that I think are even cooler here but they will require embedding them using custom code.

Hi. Thank you for your answer. Those JS things look quite nice too. Are there any relevant tutorials for custom code in webflow? I am not a good coder. :wink:

Not really, i’m not a coder either so most of the stuff I do is copy paste. I suggest search the forums for custom code that people have used.

I will do that. Thank you!

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