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Reconciling Webflow orders export with Stripe report

Hi all. Our accountant needs a periodic report of invoiced orders, along with order value, and customer name. He is matching the received orders with the payments received in our bank account.

When I export a Stripe pay-out report, the payout amount is correct, it deducts the sum of Webflow + Stripe fee and shows what was paid out to our bank. However it doesn’t show customer names since those are in Webflow (is there a way to show them in Stripe?)

So instead I go to Webflow e-com and export the order list. I can see the customer name on this report, however only the Webflow fee is shown. So the amounts on this report doesn’t match with what was actually received in our bank, because Stripe fee isn’t included in this report.

What do you recommend as a practical solution?

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