Recaptcha doesn't fit on mobile view - is there any way to resize?

Howdy all! I’ve designed a contact form that includes a recaptcha, but within my design parameters it’s not fitting on the mobile portrait view.


So my questions are: is there any way to resize the recaptcha? (I’m guessing no.)

If not, is there a way to include a recaptcha but do the google invisible recaptcha? I don’t entirely understand how that works. If this is a possibility, could someone enlighten me as to how to get that set up?

If that’s not possible I guess I could just hide it from mobile view, but that would be last resort. (And is currently what I’m doing at the moment for the mobile view.)


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK It’s the "Food Photography Placeholder Page towards the bottom of my page list. This form is located in the “modal wrapper” which is set to hidden currently.
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This article lets you know how resize. Hope it helps.

Thanks @magicmark!

Do you happen to know anything about invisible recaptcha at all?

I don’t I’m afraid.

I just created a quick interaction that hides the recapture form initially, and shows it when the form block is clicked. I use this on email sign up forms. For normal contact forms I just leave them visible.

They’re quite ugly I think, but at least that way it’s only displayed if the user has the intention of clicking.

Hope that helps even a little :grinning:


Ah good to know - thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

And you’re completely right - SO ugly. Ufdah.

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Hahahahaha! :rofl: It’s Midwestern terminology that I forget not everyone knows about.

That gave me a good laugh - thank you! :slight_smile:


Haha, that’s a great expression. :joy: