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Rearranging Images in a Lightbox

Is there an easy way to move around images within a lightbox after they have been uploaded? At the moment, it seems that the only way to rearrange the order of images is to delete them all and then tediously reload each one. Thanks for your help! Bill

Hi Bill.

This gif is way funnier if you sing the Benny Hill music in your ehad while watching it.

Thanks, Vincent! Such an easy solution, but the Webflow fonts and icons are so small – and in this case gray on black – that my poor old eyes never saw those little dots. In fact, I can hardly see them even after you have pointed them out to me! In any event, you solved my problem, so I am grateful. However, I am afraid your gif was merely enlightening, not funny, because I don’t know the Benny Hill music. :slight_smile: Ciao! Bill

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