Re-using page-load interaction

Hi everyone, I’m looking to get something similar to this (you have to select a project to trigger the page load animation) in my project, where the name of the page dynamically appears as part of page load. I think I can get this to work for cms pages, but if I want to apply the same logic to all pages on the site is there a way I can do this without having to duplicate the same interaction for each page?

Welcome to the forum @Portfelio, if I’m understanding you correctly then, yes. You’re able to re-use an interaction anywhere, this isn’t linked to the CMS. If you go into your interactions panel, you can select the same interaction. Or look at the different settings under the specific interaction, you can have an interaction work on a specific class for example. You can’t easily re-use page -load interactions but this article has some pointers
Oh and I renamed your topic so that it’s clearer what the subject is.

Hi @Portfelio,

Unfortunately you can’t apply a similar ‘class’ type reuse to pages for loads - your best bet is to either:

  1. Duplicate a fully animated initial page, which will have the animation applied but using a copied version in the interactions panel.

  2. Duplicate the animation, then re-target the objects manually.

Hope this helps!


Just create a sort of container with the specific class name, and on different pages put different page names inside this container. Then create page load ix that would target that specific container class making it appear. On different pages different titles will appear.