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Random borders are messing with my button interaction

Hi, I could use some help :slight_smile:

For some reasons random borders are messing with my button interaction. No idea where its come from… Anyone see the issue ?

You can have a look to the read only link: Webflow - Michel Gonce

I appreciate your help ! :slight_smile:

Could you take a screenshot to show what it is that’s going wrong? Or tell us what’s happening that you don’t want it to? I had a look at the page you shared but didn’t see any odd borders.

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your help.


As you can see in this screenshot, all my buttons have a weird border when hovered over. Its only visible on smaller screen. Trying to make a cool effect come with a cost…

ah, so you don’t want the blue border? That wasn’t clear before, sorry. I had a look at the read-only link and the button you screenshotted is blue on all screensizes. Does this happen in the designer/preview for you or on the published website?

I want to keep the blue borders, but on desktop and on smaller resolution screens there is a glitch where the interaction div doesn’t take the full width and height.