Radio button not working

Hi all,

I’ve got radio buttons not working on three sites. So clearly I’m the common denominator haha. Can someone spot what I’m doing wrong!?


  • Button selected isn’t appearing on the form submission.
  • Clicking both radio buttons from one group selects both radio buttons (on 1 of the 3 sites)

Site 1 (Similar to Site 2 so will just put Site 1 here for simplicity):
Read only link: Webflow - OpusV Main Site

Published page: Project Evaluation

Form result screenshot (blank cells after making sure all groups had a button selected or typed in):

Site 3 - Created to troubleshoot and replicate issue
Read only link: Webflow - Test OpusV Form Issue

Published page:

Form result screenshot:


  • Testing on the published site not the preview site (previous issue identified by others)
  • Making sure to assign the same Group name to each family of buttons (have copy and pasted to make sure no typos or inconsistencies with spaces after the word etc)
  • Making sure each button has a unique Value
  • Replicating the issue by creating a new blank site

What am I missing ha!?