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Quiz service to add to website like this

Hello! I’m looking for something similar to this or even if I could just use this exact thing in webflow that would be great too!

Basically, I’m needing a a timed quiz on a website that automatically submits after a certain time. I’ve looked into some of the services like typeform and they don’t have a timed option.

Thanks for the help Webflow community!

@parkerwest Ive seen this come up in the forum once before. I would look for quiz, but rather test services or something like that. There are so many 3rd party tools out there that you can use within Webflow.

For example, Ran Segal used Teachable to create his online coursework directly through Webflow. Hey shows a short tutorial on how to set it all up.

Check out Flux on YouTube.

Thank you, I’ll certainly check him out!! Any recommendation on good third party tools?

How familiar are you with javascript? Thid example uses js and php (php is server side code and incompatible with hosting, which is fine if you export code) .although… it could be avoided because the php seems only used to provide the source of time limits, not thr actual time.

Thats on the custom end… you can also try timify me or any othet google form + add-on for something that could work “right out of the box”. Theres a great little easy way to turn your google form into a seamless user interface using this site to covert your form and by pasting a little code as well. It avoids the awful redirect some other attempts at styling create.

Good luck. Times tickin.

Yes, “Teachable” is the 3rd party tool.