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Quick Idea I Need to Rush Out

Hey Guys,

Sorry to spring this on you but I was designing an aplpication page for my client and had this idea. If you look at the screenshot youll see 4 columns each a little lighter than the other.

When I saw this I came up with this sorted of “guided apply form” idea. Can I have someone start a form in column 1, click next or something, and then column 2 would animate out… and so on?

Thanks for the community support!

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi picsles,

You can surely control that kind of behaviour using interactions:

1 - Create a button (or link) on column 1
2 - Create a new interaction set to display none, 0% opacity and apply that to the remaining 3 columns
3 - Back to the 1st button, create an interaction to affect different elements (eg. column 2), give it a click trigger to display block and 100% opacity

You can repeat the process for the other columns so that those can animate when the user clicks the link (trigger).

Hope this will help :wink:

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Thanks! Will Test out later tonight!

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