Publishing to Weebly domain

Hi, all

I have a Webflow site I am looking to publish to a custom domain which is housed in Weebly. In Weebly I updated the DNS records to include the two A records, one CNAME record, and one TXT record. All seems straightforward given that we’ve published dozens of sites before (this being our first using a domain in Weebly). The problem is that the A records and TXT record come back as successfully added in Webflow but the CNAME record shows an error, as if it doesn’t exist. I am not sure what the issue is. Something else that I tried was disconnecting the site built in Weebly and then adding the CNAME record back into the DNS records for the domain and still I ran into the same error in which the CNAME record showed an error.

Has anybody experienced this or have any suggestions on how to publish a site to a domain in Weebly?


I would give a strong suggestion to move your zone to a new registrar and use a different DNS provider. Weebly is really designed to support their own platform. You can also contact Weebly support for DNS issues on their platform.

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Querying the DNS shows an A record under the www subdomain. My best guess is that it’s conflicting and preventing you from adding your CNAME.

However your A records on the base domain don’t look right to me either…
Typically Webflow assigns two records.

Hey, @memetican – I should have mentioned that I originally added the two A records and the TXT record but, since I ran into an issue with the CNAME record not working properly, I removed the Webflow DNS records and restored the original records so that their website remained live until I figured out the proper solution. In other words, you’re correct that the records don’t appear correct and are Weebly’s defaults based on the site that was built on their platform. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks, @webdev. We will contact them and see what they say or, if all else fails, look to transfer the domain away from Weebly altogether.