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Published site mostly blank?

For some reason when I publish my site it now appears blank except for the heading for the past few days. I have custom code which has been on the site for months which I have removed to see if it was causing this problem but to no avail. I can not see why this problem is occurring and it is driving me mad as I need to be able to publish the site.

Can someone please help??

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

You still have custom code on your site. Go to your published site and open your javascript console to see the errors:

Thanks PixelGreek. I know how to open the javascript console but not sure of how to see the errors on the site? I have used custom code on this site for months with a Twitter feed, Social Share buttons and a Mailchimp form. The only new custom code I put in recently was for cookies which may be the source of the problem. However I have removed this code but the site is not publishing correctly.

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