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Projects with varying amounts of images and Collection lists

I’m new to Webflow and working on a website using a theme. I have CMS pages for my projects but some projects have 1 image and some have 3.

The issue I have is when I set up the project pages. The ones with 3 images in the Collection gallery align the images nicely in their grid, but when I get to the page that only has one piece of work to display, it aligns it to the left of the page.

I’ve tried to use just an Image block for the one image page but the other Collection list still appears empty below it.

Is there a way to fix this, so the project with one image has it centered and the projects with multiple images are shown in a grid?

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Try to set the layout display of your collection list to flex, and set its justify to center. When there are 3 images, they will fill the row, but when there are fewer, they will be centered.