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Product style and choice links to position in eCommerce site

Hi Guys, Hopefully you can help here with a product/colour choice system that I want to link to either a url or embed code or whatever is suggested to get the job done.

I have nested tabs inside tabs to get a choice of door style and colour combinations done in a quick click select.

The idea is to have a button in each tab pane relating to the colour and door style within that product position of the eccomerce shop, so it is a hyper jump to the exact position and removes navigation layering too deep as the product numbers are huge .

With the each specific button it will show that area of the ecommerce site, in a container below in this case I am using Ecwid widget system.

I am not sure if CMS could help or it could be done more simpler.
Below is a link to the work in progress, the product Ashley is complete to give full idea.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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