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Product inventory management with Webflow + Foxy is here!

You read right! Product inventory management is now possible with Webflow’s CMS. Setup only takes a couple of minutes and to make things easier, we’ve put together a short tutorial video in our knowledge base.

With this integration, product inventory count will be automatically updated after each successful sale. In addition, you can conditionally show/hide purchase buttons, “out of stock” text, and more with Webflow’s Designer.

The tutorial can be viewed here. If you run into any issues or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Nice tutorial… I also like that you’re using Fleeq… +1

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Shhh. Don’t give away our secrets. j/k :slight_smile: Glad you liked the tutorial.

Awesome…it’s been quite a journey - well played Josh, Adam and team!

It’s turning into quite a week!

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This is great!

What if a client wants inventory management but some of the products need to be set to unlimited?

Of course setting the starting inventory to 9999 for those products will work, but I was wondering if there’s another option.

Hey @matthewpmunger.
That’s a great question and something we’ll be addressing in future updates with the ability to not track inventory for certain products. But yes, until then, putting a larger number should do the trick.

Thanks for the feedback.