Product feed from CMS collection


I have an online store that is based on 2 sections:
Frontend - Webflow
eCommerce - Shopify

I need the product feed for the Google Ads, but, it should be with the product page links of Webflow (cuz thats where the client will add to cart and so), but we do not have eCommerce on Webflow activated, so the integration directly with Google is not available.

How can we create the product feed using the CMS collection that we have? (cuz it should be linked somehow the price at least, every time we modify it, to modify automatically in the feed.)

Thank you!

Hi Licenso,

You do actually have Webflow’s ECom activated, and a Products collection there as well.

If you didn’t I would probably suggest creating local Product pages in the CMS, and then use Shopify’s Buy button to complete purchasing. That way all of your product pages are part of your main site directly.

Hi @Licenso

If I’m understanding correctly you want a way to get items out of the CMS, in real-time, whenever you create, update, or delete them (optimally into a feed)?

If that’s correct you can use Webflow Webhooks for that.

They’ll send your CMS item, based on those triggers, anywhere you like.

The problem is you’ll need to send them somewhere that you can create a product feed from.

My first thought would be to send this to Airtable or Google Sheets and have it create that feed for you.

If thats of interest to you here is a tutorial walking through setting up Webflow Webhooks with Airtable.

Also, here’s a tutorial setting up Webflow Webhooks with Google Sheets.

A couple of resources for you:

Hope that helps!