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Problems with Webflow animation in Safari

Hi there!~
I made an Webflow animation and it works correctly in all browsers except Safari. Can’t get what’s wrong and how can I fix it…
So the animation is on Home Page “Learn how we can help you”…

will be very thankful for any idea!!!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Utelly

Hey Joanna,

I just checked out your site in Safari on my end and it seems to work consistently with viewing the site in Chrome?

In general, one thing to note with Safari is that it doesn’t operate animations as efficiently as other browsers like Chrome, so if you ever see any frames being dropped or items disappearing, try reducing the amount of overall motion in your animation to see if that resolves the issues. This is, unfortunately, something that is a bug within Safari and not specifically related to Webflow, as even a scratch coded animation that is complex and/or fast will behave the same way in Safari as it would if created in Webflow.