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Problems with fixing NavBar

I’m working on a tutorial rebuilding the atlas website. This is my second time through it and I didn’t have this problem the first time.

When I select to have the NavBar fixed I lose almost all the content that I have in the page:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I was able to solve this problem by removing the navbar and changing the name of the class.

Can glitches like this occur sometimes, or is there something I did wrong that could cause most of my content to be deleted?

Hey @vernon This sounds interesting. Do you have a shareable link?

This might happen if the navbar shares some classes and even child classes with the elements in the body.

Example; a navbar with a class of navbar and a child class of hidden set to Display:None might share the same behavior with a div/section in the body with the same child class.

Thanks for the response. I fixed the problem so I can’t link to it. Maybe I did do something like you said, inadvertently.

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