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Problem with SSL redirects

Hi community, Hi webflow staff,

One of my webflow sites are now SSL secured. But i have the following redirect problem now:” redirects to “” redirects to “
BUT “” redirect to nowhere and says “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

I set the “www subdomain” to default domain in webflow site settings.

This is how my godaddy DNS records look like:

I also tried to connect the domain to cloudflare and doing the same DNS Settings there, but than its the same Problem. Any idea ?

Can you try the to add 2 extra a records, but not with a @ but with a *

to the same DNS Numbers.


These are the only two records needed for hosting (SSL) my website on Webflow, no A-records needed.

But that is only if your DNS/nameserver supports CNAME flattening, which Cloudflare does.

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