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Problem with slider and column


my name is Momi, I am realizing my first website with webflow and it should go online soon. On my published testlink I found some bugs: and I ask you kindly for support. Please look on my links and screens:

problem column shot with safari

  1. column with images:
    Safari 13.04 on Desktop:
    All sub-items of the menu for „Fotografie“ should show three images side by side. This is made with columns and is shot: the last picture slips into a new line (break: 1007px) …

  2. slider (selfmade):
    Firefox on Desktop, some versions:
    The slider including the caption is shot and does not slide cleanly:
    look at: Menu > Installation > Clair Obscure > Click images > Slider.

slider on mobile devices: the images are swimming by wiping them.
in one case (tablet horizontal) the caption and numbers below the image slipped outside the slider when I wanted to enlarge the window.

Maybe I should build the slider in a diffrent way? The prebuilt slider does not fit to the project.

Thank You!!