Problem with Screen Size

Hello, firstable sorry for my english ( I am french),

I will try to make you understand my problem and I will show you a video to explain maybe better

I have a problème with the size of the screen on mobile phone ( there are lot of white space)

Can you help me to adjust the size to fit with the mobile phone screen
Best Regards,


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Alex and welcome to the forum.

I think everybody can understand you very well :slight_smile:

Your video link doesn’t work for me. If I look at your site and shrink my browser window to mimick a mobile view, I see that you have a lot of whitespace on the right, is that what your problem is?

We all really need your site’s read-only link to help you efficiently, the issue you’re facing is rather common and easy to fix.

(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Thanks a lot for the very quick answer

that’s the only read mode :

also I would like to understand the menu doesn’t appear on this page but on the other one yes ( only on mobile)

For the menu button, there’s a bug, to fix it :

Go on Home, select the menu element in the Navigator:


Select another text color, then the previous one again.

Forcing it to change color will make it appear again.

For the whitespace issue on the right, select the sections where you have elements moving with IX and se them to Overflow:hidden

The whitespace exist because you moved out elements, hence them taking room in the page and enlarging it. Overflow:hidden will prevent this by masking what bleeds outside of the section.

You are the boss!

thank a lot you saved my day !