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Problem with progress bars in pre-loaders that don't actually reflect the underlying progress

I am recreating an old Muse website that had a simple yet extremely effective pre-loader that shows both a progress bar and a numerical percentage of the page load progress that both seem to reflect the actual page-load progress as it is taking place: Choose a top New York jazz band for your party or corporate event

I believe these particular features have done a great job of discouraging visitors from hitting their back button while waiting for my page to load, and so I would like to retain them on the new version of the site. has some pre-loaders that look like they have actual functionality to indicate the percentage of the page loaded, but in reality, the numbers they show are unrelated to the progress of the actual page load, so they are of no value to me: Free Lottie Animation Files, Tools & Plugins - LottieFiles

Does anybody know if a pre-loader that actually measures and reflects the real page-load progress can be created natively in Webflow? (If it’s complicated or involves creating custom code, perhaps I could pay someone to design one for me.)

Or if not, could someone suggest where I might go to look for such a pre-loader that perhaps I could implement using custom code?

By the way, I find it confusing that in the tutorials I’ve read about using Interactions to create pre-loaders in Webflow, I am always instructed to start the page load animation “when page finishes loading,” not “when page starts loading.” That is quite unintuitive; once the page finishes loading, there would seem to be no need to start a pre-loader. Is there something I’m not grasping here?