Problem with placement of logo text

Hi, So I am just finishing my first site on Webflow. But I kinda got a problem which I dont understand how to solve. My navbar has a “logotext” and I have added a symbol into it on every page, so It should be same. But the logotext works on every page but not in the index. It goes way too high and when I adjust it, the logo on other pages goes too low. I would love some help with this, thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only:

You have a negative 12 margin on the top of your current state of the logo. I suggest removing all styling from the current state. You can do this on the homepage by just clicking everything that’s blue and clicking remove this style.

I did that, but still its way too up. Tell me if you got more suggestions

Try to use this service. It should allow you to design the needed form and shape. Or you can get some help from the team there (personally I worked with Dmitry, a very nice person). Although the service is a logo creation software you can always get assistance from the team.