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Problem with mobile version

Having issues with the mobile versions of site and can’t seem to fix it… desperately need help… Please

Here is my public share link:

It´s not easy to know what your problem is without anything more specific about the issues you’re having. But I guess it´s the content getting too wide that is giving you a headache. Find the phone on the screenshot below and hit the center element button. It should do the trick.

Hey, thank you so much for the reply, that worked well. Im still struggling with what’s underneath as icons are on top of banner etc… can you please help me out? :frowning:

No problem :smile:
If you set service section height to auto it should fix this as well. As a general rule, you should try not giving your elements fixed pixel height so your elements can grow/shrink based on the browser size.

:frowning: haven’t got a clue how to… is there any chance you can help me do it? Really hate asking but been struggling for ages

You´ll find it here:

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